Why Join

As a member of Wendy’s Advisory Panel you have the opportunity to affect business decisions here at Wendy’s. Wendy’s is one place that values what the individual has to say; we take our Advisors seriously.

Better understanding our consumers helps us make strong business decisions. We’ll periodically inform our Advisors how they have impacted our business through newsletters posted on the site. You will also have the chance to see what other members think about various topics of interest in our quick polls.

In addition, you have the opportunity to win prizes (subject to eligibility criteria and legal requirements).

  • Every time you complete a survey, your name will be entered into a quarterly drawing. You’ll have the chance to win one of three $100 prizes each quarter.

Why Join

The Wendy's Advisory Panel?

Being part of the Wendy's Panel gives you a unique opportunity to collaborate with Wendy's and to contribute your opinions toward the development of future promotions and menu ideas. For more reasons to join, click the link below.
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